Nashville 60 Hz

16mm, silent
15 fps
6 minutes
Pratt Institute seminar

In 2002 MasterCard held a contest for college students to submit ideas for the entertainment industry, with the prize being a summer program in Nashville. I was accepted for some idea about video websites that I cannot remember, so I went to stay in the dormitories at Belmont U with thirty other excited youngsters. I quickly soured on the showbiz game and, in peak hipster mode, went to explore the marginal areas of the city and make an experimental film. I hitched a ride to town and bought a plastic 35mm camera with some filters at a garage sale. I assembled the film when I returned to campus that fall. Inspired by Chris Marker's La Jetée (of course), the flicker replaces Marker's narrator with a different kind of voice.

Hand-processed negative produced on a JK optical printer as a BFA student in film at the University of Colorado at Boulder.